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I’m back from visiting family in north America and doing a bit of wildlife spotting en route from western Washington to eastern BC.  This is a barred owl in the woods right next to the house where my daughter’s family lives.

Barred owl, Custer, WA

I’d like to thank the volunteer, Doug, who captured most of the data for me while I was away.  I haven’t had time to check these yet, but I did collect the data for the last two weeks and there has been quite a lot of action, some courtship, with a lot of frantic circuling, scrape preparation and food bringing (although Xavier still seems unwilling to let the prey go, cheeky fellow).


20170622 solstice courtship ledge

20170622 solstice courtship nes

I hope we have a successful breeding season.  I’ll try and update the blog weekly, probably Friday afternoons.


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  1. Welcome back! It’s good to hear that things are going well up in the tower! I haven’t been able to access either of the cameras for several days now – don’t know whether the problem’s at my end or yours 🙁

  2. Welcome back!! Like Sue I can’t access the cameras .. but I only tried today. I bought myself a nice little present. EXTRA DATA for the next 6 months. That should see me through. Last year I was adding extra data almost daily. My little obsession would have been cheaper if I got a plane up to Orange and watched live. Hee hee.

    Anyway looking forward to the season ahead. Hope it’s as successful but maybe not as heart breaking/nerve shaking as last year!

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