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  1. Good news. One of the staff members saw her on the ground near the building and she’s since found her way to a large stump in the centre of the woodland, obviously not injured and is reasonably high off the ground. Photos to follow.

  2. What a relief. Thanks for the update, Cilla. Here’s hoping she can get up high enough to be safe from four-leggedy beasties.

  3. Wow – ‘not elegant’ is an understatement!!! The big run-up, elbowing Mell out of the way, losing her footing on the ledge? It was more a galumph than a triumph – so glad she made it to the ground ok!

  4. Update.

    Rubi has moved several hundred yards, using low flight towards uni entrance and is near the top of a large shrub being dive-bombed by mapgies, magpie-larks and willie-wagtails, so she will need to hone her ducking skills, but is out of reach of cats and foxes!

  5. RUBI RUNS – she MISSES – she’s OUT!
    I agree, Rubi – she ran to window from the back, missed her grip on the ledge, and down.
    Cilla had video – with SOUND

    I wont be surprised if Vim returns to see his sister Mell after he fledges, mostly likely early Nov. 17th.

    Good pics and notes Cilla, thank you! 😀
    I love seeing them fledge – not fludge .. hehehee!
    But then I miss them – thats life

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