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  1. No one is going to be leaving tonight with the big meals being delivered!! They might end up being like my brother and never leaving home!! haa haa

  2. The longer the better chance of a good straight flight. Prey was probably a white pigeon, but couldn’t see the legs. Got a nice shot of Vim standing up for himself and pinching part of the prey from his sister.

    I also got some nice photos of the trio on the ledge just now (from the outside), with Mum on the tower, rather cross with me. I’ll put them up tomorrow if I can find my SD card viewer.

    I’ve also brought in my ladder and placed it under a favourite roost tree (in case of the need for retrieval).

  3. Cilla, I seriously doubt the need for retrieval now, unless juvie is injured. Vim is fully ready. By Sonday this box will probly be empty.
    I wouldnt want to clean it – its so disgusting!

  4. My heart almost stopped just now! Thought one of those sisters had pushed Vim off the ledge. It’s looking very crowded there…

  5. No WAY! I’ve been glued to the screen since 5.30 this morning. I turned my head for literally 2 minutes to respond to an email and when I looked back it looked like 2 eyasses were peering over the edge and the third was nowhere to be seen. Aaaaargh! One of the sisters? 2 on ledge, and Nest cam looks empty. Tell me it isn’t so!!!

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