Data loss over weekend.

Just a quick update to say that there must have been a power outage or similar over the weekend and I’ve lost the data for a couple of days.  I came into work especially so as not to get too far behind, but alas, nothing was working.   Scott was here today, so presumably he reset it.

I’ll try and catch up as soon as I can and I’ll access Arjen’s website to fill in the important gaps (thanks so much for this access).


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  1. It’s so interesting to watch the chicks’ behavioral changes as they mature. I noticed they are sleeping nearer the ledge facing out instead of huddled together in a corner.

  2. Scott fixed the software, but it’s gone out again today. I’m using Arjen’s videos, but of course it’s much much slower due to the download speeds and there are some gaps, but I’ll try and fill with the youtubes. Very frustrating, especially at this stage, but it would be so much worse without these Dutch videos!

    I couldn’t see the prey brought in on 5th November at 1342 ish, but it must have been huge as it took 26 minutes to eat. I’ll go back through the posts and see if I can find it.

  3. Cilla, I commented on my RRP blog what a YUGE prey she brought in.

    I thot yesterday – Nov 7 USA – was a macaw –
    I guess not – but it was colored like one
    Sad 🙁
    Memo to Di – starlings only please

  4. Shep, I think, from what appeared to be white cheek patches, that the colourful prey may’ve been an eastern rosella. No macaws in this country (apart from captive ones).

  5. Looks like ‘flight-training’ has begun. So funny to watch the three little heads in-sync, tracking parental aerobatics displays from their vantage-point on the ledge.

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