Feast and famine

This morning the chicks got four feeds in two hours.  They were not large birds (two starlings and two rosellas), but a busy time!   To be followed by a long absence of over five hours, with the chicks flapping about….a bit too close to the ledge for my liking

20161028-no-no-not-yet-2 20161028-no-no-not-yet-3

Oh, no, not yet please!
Oh, no, not yet please!


It was very warm here today and last night and there are showers and storms forecast for the weekend, particularly Sunday.

Have a great weekend.   We are going out to count common mynas on Sunday morning (invasive pests).  I wish I could take Xavier with me to show them what they should be eating!  See…lovely chocolate soldiers…delicious.


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  1. Thank you to Arjen Rodenhuis for his numerous videos. I look at them everyday. I can’t watch the webcam (flash player problem), so I can follow the evolution of this beautiful family.

  2. I’ve not got to look in much this week … but my how they’ve changed in a week. We have a currawong nest outside our window and I’ve felt mum and dad have been pretty good keeping up food demands. Today I noticed they’re sitting on the nest (only a two weeks ago they were these bald headed beaks popping up begging for food) but low and behold FOUR chicks!!!!!

    I’ve also spotted a bird of prey around our place twice now … alerted by the call of birds and then swirling clouds of different birds in the sky. At first I thought it was the Channel Bill as it had a wide wing span and long tail … but the tail isn’t quiet long enough and the body a bit stockier. I think perhaps a brown gosshawk? All of this is pretty exciting since I live in the innerwest suburbs of Sydney.

    I look forward to showing my class a bit more falcon cam over the next two weeks now that they are more in view and finding their wings. I’ve already got a few interested in knowing more .. as evident from their library books!

  3. October 29, 2016 Shepnotes
    Vim who I believe is the little male is timid, or a gentleman, and waits. He gets fed too.
    Rubi is ALWAYS FIRST! Shuda called her Meme

    I took a shot off Arjen’s video. Nice lineup.
    Vim’s had a prey feather stuck to his tummy all day.

    In the past the males have waited for the feed til his sisters are done. One morning brown will appear on his breast as those feathers appear.

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