Final day at Orange National Field Days

Just a quick thank you to all the punters who have stopped by the Orange City Council shed on-site over the past 3 days at Orange National Field Days. Plenty of interest and lots of people who have either seen or heard about the peregrines. And thanks heaps to Roger, Rob and Neil from the Council for letting us hijack some of your shed space!

Apologies to all for the unreliable camera feeds at the moment; basically the massive load and connections are giving the streaming server an ongoing migraine. If the feed doesn’t work try again in an hour or so, to see if the stream restart fixes the problem. The system was never designed to handle such a huge connection rate (the ‘sweet and sour’ issue – awesome to have so many people following, but the servers are suffering!). It will be a big off-season to try and upgrade equipment and software. If anyone would like to donate to the Project to help out you’d MOST welcome (see the Donation button to the right) – all donations are going towards these upgrades. More information on plansย  to come over the next 2-3 mths. Thanks again to you all!

Orange City Council shed at ANFD
Orange City Council shed and FalconCam Project at ANFD 2016

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  1. All my slogged-over videos for the whole of this morning have somehow got themselves posted on the wrong days… I wonder who’s fault that is? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I will repeat the “bad hunting weather” demo, hi-speed edit of 15 minutes from the 0730-1000hr period this morning – to show folks why breakfast was late today.

    51s VIDEO =

    And here is the edited version of approx 15-minute feed from prey brought by Diamond at 1018hr, some quite interesting snippets:

    4m33s VIDEO =

  2. No nestcam for several hours, which means I’m not certain if it was Xavier who popped in for a couple of minutes earlier, he’s easier to recognise on the nestcam.

    Diamond has spent a lot of time on the ledge, and one time I was struck by the way she sailed off, not moving a feather. (Pity she disappeared in a glitch.) Normal speed, then slo-mo.

    28s VIDEO =

    The last feed I’ve found was the 1310hr.

  3. I’ve packed up my laptop but can still watch, so am using tablet to report that both adults are settled in the nest, one on the ledge with head tucked, the other just standing on the right near the back. Another first.

  4. Evening sunset all is peace after a VERY foggy day
    2 adult falcons on ledgecam – I assume Di and Xav
    I think Di scolded him, not sure – I miss sound ๐Ÿ™

  5. 1436hr Xavier flew in with a whole prey bird, turned tail and flew off pronto ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    22s VIDEO =

    Snaps show slightly different views of prey bird, just in case beak helps with ID:

    Just after that Diamond arrived and tended the chicks briefly.

    Then the chicks pooped in fairly quick succession, one more copiously than the other two – a sign of how much more went in?

  6. Wake-up, scrap-feed, breakfast – all on the following page, video playable direct and snaps on view without clicking links:

    Afternoon tea video:

  7. I am pleased to see chicks are well fed, growing, wandering the box, wingercizing. They are getting personalities.

    I am sure one is female and one is male.
    #3 who knows

  8. 10:45 Feeding 2,
    15:35 Feeding 3,
    17:05 Diamond feeding leftovers,

    Or click my name above this post to view the video’s at

  9. 0551hr Diamond left and Xavier flew in, he left within a minute. We’re still waiting for breakfast, according to me ๐Ÿ™‚

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