Orange National Field Days display

It’s Field Days week at the huge Borenore site just outside Orange, and Orange City Council have very kindly offered display space for FalconCam project. Three days at one of the largest agricultural field days in Australia; there are 10,000’s of visitors every year. If you’re near Orange between today and Saturday call in and come see us at J26 in the Council shed. You’ll also get to learn about noxious weeds in the region! Thanks heaps to Roger, Neil and Rob from Orange Council; we all work well together!

Orange City Council display shed
Orange National Field Days, 2016 at Borenore

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  1. Well done for getting this organised, Scott, especially as you haven’t even been in the country.

    I have to go to Sydney again tomorrow; back Sunday night and then, hopefully catch up next week as I’m horribly behind!

  2. No wonder I’m wondering where everyone is, I’m still on the previous blog page :-/ 😀

    So I’ll copy in this morning’s posts.


    Diamond didn’t leave until after 6, then a minute or two later Xav flew in but seemed to be alarmed by a chick and didn’t even say a proper Good Morning

    23s VIDEO =

    Diamond (I think) is back already, looking out from the ledge.

    Hi-speed 15-minute sample of what the weather was like, on ‘n off, between about 0730hr and 1000hr – not good for hunting!

    51s VIDEO =

    Here is the edited version of approx 15-minute feed from prey brought by Diamond at 1018hr:

    4m33s VIDEO =

    I haven’t really tried to find him yet, but have not seen Xavier since his split-second visit just after 6 o’clock this morning.

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