Almost two weeks old

Chicks are starting to sprout up and venture out, even approaching their step-dad in a vain quest for food!

Preys have been quite regular; well-sized; difficult to identify, but have included starlings, pigeons and parrots, including a galah, which took nearly half an hour to finish off!  It took me ages to work out one bird, which I finally nailed as an eastern rosella after spying a tiny glimpse of a green, then yellowish feather, which narrows it down.

One of the clues to identification
One of the clues to identification

Most parents stash the prey when they have an abundance, but I’ve noticed that Diamond doesn’t usually do this….probably with good reason due to our Xavier’s tendency to pinch food.  And it’s occurred to me that he perhaps is ‘handing’ over most of his prey and is consequently quite hungry.  It’s quite a job to fledge three chicks, especially under these difficult circumstances, so I think they are doing pretty well.  And I’ve also noticed that Xavier is getting better at his duties: although he hasn’t had much interaction with the chicks yet, his guarding duties have been much more extended.

Diamond is starting to interact more with the chicks, apart from just keeping them warm and feeding them.   She’s also spending most of the night either standing close to the chicks on even on the ledge, and much less time actually covering them.

Diamond and her nearly two week old chicks.
Diamond and her nearly two week old chicks.

I have to go to Sydney tomorrow, with no access to the software, so I’ll sign off for a couple of days.  Scott should be back today from NZ, so I’ll leave you in his tender care.   Happy watching.


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  1. [b]October 16, 2016 [/b] Shepnotes
    I wake up as Diamond arrives with BIG prey, rips it up and feeds it to kids. The chicks are getting so BIG – and can poo shoot halfway across the box! They sure are painting that wall by them!
    Thanks for your updates Cilla!

    ‘Scott should be back today from NZ, so I’ll leave you in his tender care.’
    😀 🙂

  2. I see Xavier has spent another night in the box – at least, he was there when i went to sleep last night and he’s there again (still) at 4.30am.

  3. Or was my tablet still showing the last view from last night? I thought i’d refreshed the view… perhaps it’s a little early in the morning for me…

  4. I clicked over in the middle of the night and Xavier was on the ledge looking out.

    Diamond brot whole prey, likely she’d just caught.
    Chicks got a good feed.

    Please chickiepoos – wander around some more!

    Xavier seems afraid of the chicks.
    One started toward him and he fled

  5. Let’s just hope they don’t find the cameras. During our early years, we had the cameras placed lower, within the ‘poo line’, which caused worse problems than the occasional image freeze!

    And yes, it is unusual for the male to be in the box. Swift would never have allowed it, although she did allow one of her offspring, Snow, to stay with her for a month or two.

    Nor would she have done much, if any, hunting during the breeding season, but she was a lot older and eventually became quite lame and often spent the day (outside the breeding season) lying snoozing in the box. After Beau went missing, I think she found it increasingly difficult to defend the nest-site.

    And it’s raining…perfect timing for my little trees I planted. But let’s hope it doesn’t put a dampener on the hunting.

    I’m off to Sydney today. I won’t have access to my recordings nor time (or data) to look at the live images, but will try and answer questions later tonight

  6. I’ve been trying to post since just after Arjen’s post above, but 3 tries all failed to register :'(

    There’s a very brisk feed going on now (between freezes, lol).

    During the night…

    Diamond panicked Xavier with a poop again but at least he didn’t flee:

    52s VIDEO =

    SNAP =

    She took a quick break, cast a pellet on the ledge, Xavier left, Diamond returned to chicks and pooped in the nest:

    1m52s VIDEO =

    All the chicks look good, tho #3 _mostly_ keeps a low profile, only raising it for feeding time.

  7. I’ve been trying to post since just after Arjen’s post above, but 4 tries between then and now all failed to register :'(

    There’s a very brisk feed going on now (between freezes, lol).

    During the night…

    Diamond panicked Xavier with a poop again but at least he didn’t flee:

    52s VIDEO =

    SNAP =

    She took a quick break, cast a pellet on the ledge, Xavier left, Diamond returned to chicks and pooped in the nest:

    1m52s VIDEO =

    All the chicks look good, tho #3 _mostly_ keeps a low profile, only raising it for feeding time.

  8. One chick has a spot on top of its head.
    I just now noticed it!
    As if an injury. Its not small.

    Diamond looks a mess – but maybe cuz she’s wet – rain

    2nd feed of the day

    Any chance Xavier is offspring of another year?

  9. I’ve been trying to post since just after Arjen’s post above, but 5 tries all failed to register :'(

    There’s a very brisk feed going on now (between freezes, lol).

    During the night…

    Diamond panicked Xavier with a poop again but at least he didn’t flee:

    52s VIDEO =

    SNAP =

    She took a quick break, cast a pellet on the ledge, Xavier left, Diamond returned to chicks and pooped in the nest:

    1m52s VIDEO =

    All the chicks look good, tho #3 _mostly_ keeps a low profile, only raising it for feeding time.

    Tea-time (Diamond delivered) and the chicks venture from their corner:

    4m50s VIDEO =

  10. Puffed up with success, I dare to post that Diamond brought prey in a couple of minutes ago (my nest is miles behind ledge) and is feeding the chicks.

    My statement my last post “There’s a brisk feed going on now” was written hours before.

    1. Hi scylla, I think some of your comments aren’t initially posting due to the links contained therein. Some of our anti-spam software puts link-containing comments aside until approved as we get a PILE of spam containing same, each day. It just hasn’t figured out yet that you’re OK yet. Sorry! I’ve been overseas for 10 days so approving comments has been a bit slower, but back on deck now, and all eyrie members are looking great! Thanks for your comments… Scott

  11. Hi Scott, thank you for addressing my problem. I thought that removing the “http://www” (so that the links are not live) had fixed that problem for all of us, it works a lot of the time. Hopefully it will save you work!

    Here (I hope!) is a comparison snap of Diamond and Xavier in the same place, in the same size frame:

  12. Oh my goodness! See how some of my duplicate posts (except for the number of tries, which I changed each time) have suddenly appeared above :(((

    My nest cam has been down for rather a long time, can’t refresh it back up.

  13. Cam came back up 🙂

    Diamond flew from the ledge, and shortly afterwards one of the chicks had a poop and another (who may have been ineffectually bonking unseen #3 – I haven’t included that, to save viewers’ precious time) had a longish hawking spell… then could hardly stay awake.

    2m01s VIDEO =

  14. October 17, 2016 Shepnotes
    7.45 pm (4.45 am in USA *yawn* )
    Diamond is with her kids, Xavier on the ledge – yawning
    Those chicks MUST GET OUT of that corner!
    They oughta be walking about by now!
    Per bev’s note, I think we can name a chick – SPOT – for now anyway. 🙂

    Oz notes
    scylla – ‘Diamond panicked Xavier with a poop again but at least he didn’t flee’
    Maybe she’s sending him a message 🙂
    If a chick is bonking another, that may be the injury I observed.

    bcaw notes
    bev wrote – I think what you think is ahead wound is just from two very messy feeds. there is a dark spot on one head, but we have that all the time at our sites. that is how we can tell them apart till banding.

    bev, thats helpful to me, thank you. 🙂
    This cam does NOT interfere at all, its a study project – observe ONLY.

    That was a beautiful comparison pic – thank you 🙂

    Scott – Tell me when I am approved enough to include links 🙂
    WHERE is a SOUND video update!!!!?

  15. The younger of last season’s Loch Garten osplets still had ‘scars’ on his head at ringing time. I don’t think that perries bonk as aggressively as ospreys, but that’s only my impression from very few perry nests I’ve watched, and only this one for any length of time.

    I was going to say that the nest was adultless, but tilting the screen allowed Diamond to emerge from the shadows 😉 No-one on the ledge.

  16. I haven’t edited this much, so you can get a feel of their relationship, kinda.

    This morning Xavier flew in at about 05350hr and Diamond immediately got up and they maintained bow position for a couple of minutes. After Xavier had finished settling himself on the ledge it was another 3 minutes (which I’ve spared you) before Diamond returned to the chicks and started nagging him 😉

    3m14s VIDEO =

    There’s a feed going on now. Diamond’s back is rather hogging the cam >:(

  17. Spot the deliberate error (the one I’ve noticed, there may be more!)… Wake-up call time should be 0530hr.

  18. Interesting about the ‘bow position’. While he has been doing this since arrival, she has barely acknowledged Xavier’s presence, apart from calling, unwilling to leave the chicks.

    Cilla, in Sydney, listening to the roar of the trucks even this early. Will be glad to get back to my quiet patch.

  19. I think Spot is a male! Its nice to see them.
    I suspect he eats it. Lil stinker!

  20. As you would expect, Shep’s condemnation of dear little Xav has really upset me and I’ve had to produce a short vid to show how he HAS tried ;-D

    Only problem is… I’ve got lots missing so the sequences don’t follow on as they should.

    Here is our much-maligned (by Shep) hero doing his best and not getting anywhere:

    2m08s VIDEO =

    (Only joking, dear Shep! :-* )

  21. Today he brought twice a prey, that he has now learned, but his timing is not good. The next few days the chicks will walk up to him when he comes with a prey. What will he do? Feeding or leave?

    7:37 Xavier with prey,

  22. Did someone move the camera??? I can see all the chicks and also on ledge view there’s a great view of them getting fed and both parents about. Not sure who bought the food in but I think they must have arrived close together as I was only looking a few minutes ago and they were both absent (umm unless the stream was slow??)

  23. OMGGGGG!!! 1.59:17 the great tug of war of 2016 has started .. I was waiting to see Xavier slip off the ledge!! Shame the nest camera synched at that time and I only got the one camera view… it’s like a comedy show at the moment. ***SPOILER ALERT*** Diamond won!!

  24. Three little tough guys rising and falling in unison, in time with Mama’s offerings 😀

    Xavier is on guard.

  25. TUG-O-PREY as reported by DEBORAH.

    45s VIDEO =

    I also did a long version, showing Xav in ‘n out prior to Di’s arrival. Deborah was right, the nest view of the main event was lost due to cam reboot.

    (Haven’t intertwined ledge and nest perfectly, ’tis so laborious.)

    2m05s VIDEO =

  26. The chicks nearly vanish, laying under the cam.
    They are so big now, we can see them on your doorway cam during feeds.

    That tug o prey is hilarious!
    Xavier seems jealous of the chicks.
    He still wants Diamond to feed him like she does her chicks.
    Thats just my observation. Its not mean or condemnation.

    Do the females own the terrortory, or the males?
    In eagledom the male owns it, or so it seems.
    Perhaps the remaining bird owns it if a mate is gone.

    I observe and appreciate nature, but I dont worship it.
    Its GODs handiwork. 🙂

  27. I’ve been thinking about the way the chicks are still in the corner and watching the way Diamond sits with them and it seems very different from what I remember of last year (although, to be fair, they seemed to start off against the back wall last year). All squished up in the corner like that, and with Diamond standing between the chicks and the rest of the box – is it possible she is being defensive? Is she making sure she puts herself between Xavier and the chicks? Just wondering…

  28. I’m pretty sure both sexes defend the territory, but of course the female is bigger and stronger and is much more aggressive when the chicks are out and about.

    She is regularly leaving Xavier alone with the chicks, so she doesn’t need to protect them from him, but it may be an instinctive reaction.

    cheers (just back from Sydney, much warmer than Orange:). Saw some wedgetail eagles as I was driving back from Lithgow station.

  29. Sue – I have also felt Di is keeping her kids in corner to protect them.
    She may have no choice but to leave Xavier with them.
    There is so MUCH we dont know – no one is physically observing on the ground.

    One chick discovered the cam today. LOL!
    Looked straight at it.

  30. Xav entered, Di got up and left right away, albeit slowly. So there’s no lack of trust there, I wouldn’t think 🙂

  31. [b]October 19, 2016 [/b] Shepnotes
    6 am – No one home at first light
    I saw Di standing in doorway facing out, at one point she was sleeping there – tucked
    Now no one is there
    Oddly – the cams are nearly in sync ….. *faints* …
    7 am she returns – preyless – after a bit over an hour – stands in doorway

    Waiting for brekky

  32. I saw spots – o hey! Its a flock of sheep taking a mid-morning stroll to the watering hole. Thats neat! It also looked as if someone mowed the grass below the nestbox too.

    About 9 am I saw 2 birds, one falcon flew inside box the other flew past

    10 am in Oz and I havent yet seen breakfast

  33. Di got up @ 0435hr and had a half-hour break away from the chicks – snoozing on the ledge, head tucked in, then back to chicks.

    0528hr Xav arrived, Di took a break while Xav stood guard on the ledge. Xav’s departure not known, due to freeze – Di returned @ 0705hr but didn’t tend to chicks, she stayed on the ledge, then went out again!

    Unfortunately I cannot contradict Shep’s observation that no breakfast was served.

    Just before 1100hr Xavier called in, in anticipation of Diamond bringing food? He was disappointed and left, the chicks were devastated and clambered for some time, venturing out into the nest.

    NEST VIEW @ 4-speed, and very stop-start, sorry – I don’t think YT can deal with this footage very well in FF.

    1m36s VIDEO =

    LEDGE VIEW, normal speed.

    3m07s VIDEO =

    (I’ve had some long outages.)

  34. At last! A large, late brunch was delivered by Di @ 1321hr. Xavier nicked some – just skin ‘n bones, by the look of it.

    Long freezes herein, but delivery and theft captured.

    2m18s VIDEO =

    “Large” (ish) prey item:

  35. SLIDESHOW of nest view of late brunch. Delivery was frozen out entirely and most of the time we could only see the back of Di’s head. We couldn’t see what Xav pinched at all, it was under the cam. The chick on the left seemed to do well 😉 while the mite on the right got little.

    46s SLIDESHOW =

  36. Xav had waited on the ledge with prey for at least 15 minutes, maybe much longer but was frozen out… then Di arrived with hers (bigger) and he refused to hand his over and fled with it.

    Ledge view:

    34s VIDEO =

    The delivery was not available on the nest cam, it looked like a good feed but I’m thoroughly wilted now, so g’night all.

  37. I can’t get the pics from your link, Shep, it goes to RR’s main page – I’ve tried Firefox, Chrome… even Interest Explorer! 😮

  38. Di spent several hours on the ledge overnight, came to the chicks for half an hour in the early morning, left, then Xav popped in for one minute at something after six. I haven’t seen much action in the nest, certainly not food, but one of the chicks spent quite a while hawking in the night – I couldn’t see the pellet if/when it was cast at last.

    Thank you for the video, Arjen 🙂

  39. Chicks all over the nest, right over to the other side- and food was just brought in – by Xavier??? In which case the chicks are still waiting for a feed.

    I have to nap now, will leave a marker for myself and catch up later.

  40. Poor much-maligned Xavier brought breakfast _twice_ this morning and the second time almost fed the chicks – but not quite, and he spoilt it all by eating it himself on the ledge, then skedaddling when one of the chicks approached him.

    My recording was very unstable 🙁

    2m05s VIDEO =

  41. Diamond brought a meal @ 1110hr, Xavier followed her in but he stood on the ledge, not interfering… until a freeze, so I don’t know what happened in the end. The chicks got fed, tho 🙂

    Prey delivery:

  42. I guess we should think of this as an apprenticeship with a rather reluctant (albeit, horny) teenager. Next year, Diamond will be expecting a more professional and sharing approach and a lot more close interaction with the youngsters.

  43. Just now Xavier flew in, dashed to back of nest and flew out again, shortly to be followed by Diamond with prey – about time, the chicks had been alone for several hours (according to my ledge cam, no nest cam available).

    Video to follow when the feed is over.

  44. As above, Xavier in ‘n out, Diamond in with prey, she feeds very vigorous chicks:

    3m12s VIDEO =

    I got WINGS!

    There’s been another short feed since, and Xavier’s been in and out again.

  45. Forgot to say (I need to make a typing short-cut for that) that the nestcam came back up for me @ 1825hr when a 15-minutely auto-refresh kicked in.

    Hi Cilla 🙂 Xavier does seem as if he’s caught in two minds whether to be a kid or a grown-up.

  46. Naughty Xavier!
    He brot nicely dressed prey into the nestbox,
    chicks approached him – he hesitated a moment,
    then took his meal to the ledge and sat and ate it

  47. Diamond has just joined the chicks. Given that she’s having more and more trouble covering them, I expect her to retire to the ledge at some stage 😉

  48. What happened when Mama waggled her tail on the ledge at something past 0200hr:

    At 0539hr Diamond flew off and Xavier immediately flew in, popped to say hello to the chicks, stayed a minute or two on the ledge, chicks now alone.

  49. Feed now going on. One of the chicks was late to the party, and I don’t know if it was the same one (you can’t take your eyes off them!) but one ran off with a great big morsel and Di had to take it away.

    Vid to follow eventually.

  50. I get so embroiled in editing freezy videos, trying to take the pauses out, that I don’t necessarily see what’s really going on!

    Diamond took food away from one or more chicks and tried to give it to one of the others. One chick had a sulk 😉 There are a couple of tug-o-preys.

    No delivery available on nest or ledge cams for either of these feeds.


    1130hr feed:

    2m37s VIDEO =

    1230hr feed:

    2m31s VIDEO =

    Very fast-forward of 5 minutes of between-meals meanderings:

    18s VIDEO =

  51. Diamond has left the ledge and the chicks are stirring. I haven’t had my eyes on it to know if Xavier has called in.

  52. Diamond didn’t leave until after 6, then a minute or two later Xav flew in but seemed to be alarmed by a chick and didn’t even say a proper Good Morning 😮

    23s VIDEO =

    Diamond (I think) is back already, looking out from the ledge.

  53. Hi-speed 15-minute sample of what the weather was like, on ‘n off, between about 0730hr and 1000hr – not good for hunting!

    51s VIDEO =

  54. Here is the edited version of approx 15-minute feed from prey brought by Diamond at 1018hr:

    4m33s VIDEO =

    I haven’t really tried to find him yet, but have not seen Xavier since his split-second visit just after 6 o’clock this morning.

  55. I still haven’t looked for Xavier, but he saved me the trouble by turning up immediately before Diamond flew in with prey @ 1310hr. As soon as she entered he ‘attacked’ her and retired hastily to the ledge, where he waited 1-2 minutes before leavings.

    27s VIDEO =

    A feed ensued but no good view from the ledge cam and the nest cam has been down for quite some time.

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