The two cameras are back online

A some may have noticed, the cameras are back again. Thanks to Nathan T in CSU Facilities (Orange) for getting us back “live” again, after finding the switch that had been turned off for other maintenance, but which had shut the entire water tower power off. Nathan has also helped us previously in finding a recently feldged falcon that had to be placed in to a tree and away from humans, so he knows what the Project is doing. Cheers, thanks Nathan. And local IT staffer, Josh, had to climb the tower to help find the problem – it’s harder than you think, Josh!

The weather this coming week is colder but less wet so Diamond and Bula are bound to appreciate the sunny change. The licencing for our Milestone surveillance server has also been resolved and should be back online for data collection within a day or two (Cilla will be over the moon!). Thanks once again to Shane P from CCTV Hire and Lan1, valuable long-time supporters of FalconCam Project as suppliers of our A/V hardware; you guys rock!

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  1. Hi Scott, Hi Cilla,

    Well our Canadian Peregrines are all fledged now and buzzing around the cities.

    I wondered if you could tell me when courtship rituals, bonding and general preparedness for egg laying begins here. It was just as the chicks hatched when I first came here last year.

    It seems so odd still, how our seasons are opposite ( 41 C ) here today!

    Thanks for any information you can give me….I often see Diamond here, any sign of last year’s babies, or do they migrate?


    1. Hi Claire,
      Great to hear from you again. It sounds like the season in Canada has been quite a success; great for everyone. Courtship and mating have begun. Generally speaking, July and August sees plenty of manic courting activities but only when the weather allows; Orange has had some hideous wet & windy weather over the past 2-3 weeks, which has probably delayed “intentions” (unlike your amazing weather!). Normally this means eggs in the eyrie early September and the cycle continues from there. Diamond has indeed spent time on the ledge but seldom ventures into the eyrie, even in bad weather. We’re due for an equipment maintenance climb up the tower shortly too… any volunteers?!!

  2. Thanks so much for your response Scott, I’ll be sure to start checking in more regularly now! Yes, it was a great year for the ‘grines in the Toronto area….so often we lose the fledglings to crashes into the glass on skyscrapers, but though there were quite a few ground rescues, the chicks did very well.
    Good luck with volunteers!

  3. I shall be looking in too… but must remember not to use my entire bandwidth allocation in one day!

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