Interesting snippet re cousins in North Africa

Reading through the lastest ‘Australian Birdlife’ I came across an article about the Eleanora’s Falcon in Morocco.  This close relative of the peregrine has a very interesting, if somewhat alarming, habitat.  As waves of migrating small birds pass through their territory, these falcons catch the birds and, instead of caching the bodies for later, they keep them alive and imprisoned in ‘nooks and crannies’ of their rocky habitats.  Fresh food for later.;…yum (no so nice for captives, however).    The article doesn’t say how they are not able to escape, but are able to be recaught….

I’m still awaiting new software and hardware upgrades prior to being able to recapture more data.   I am in need of a new computer as mine is eight years old and currently in a hospice situation 🙂  and I need to apply for a grant for this, so fingers crossed.

Although quiet at present, I would love to see what is happening with our ‘streaky’ male who was hanging around in March.   I’m also going to be away mid-May to mid-July, so there might be a bit of a gap in the data, but hopefully not too serious and I won’t miss any of the breeding season.

I have recently re-applied for Animal Ethics approval, but without requesting permission to band.  That might come later once the basic data recording project has been re-approved.

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  1. Hi Cilla – please would you explain the ‘permission to band’ thing? (Sorry if that’s a noob question). It sounds like a no-brainer to help track the birds – we could learn so much from it.

    Hope you can get your new computer – preferably before breeding season begins! So frustrating when technology lets you down.

  2. Hi Cilla – sorry to sound like a noob, but I AM a noob…. Would you explain the ‘permission to band’ thing or point me to a reference about it? Obviously there is red tape – I didn’t realise. Many thanks.

    PS Hope you can get your new computer!

  3. Yikes, now it looks as if MY computer is doing weird things! When I checked back, my first comment/question had disappeared altogether. Now it’s back and I feel like a real dill for repeating the question unnecessarily! Aaaargh, technology!

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