Visiting male and technical hitches

I was recently catching up with some backlog after being tied up with a major landcare event, and I’m pretty sure we had a visiting male – and I’m also convinced this is the same one (‘streak’) who was hanging about this time last year, but didn’t ‘make’ it with Diamond.   His behaviour was also a bit odd; landing on the outside ledge and appearing to be quite uncertain of his actions makes me also fairly certain that this is not Bula.   However the images are not that great;  any comments?

Is this last year's visiting male 'Streak' come back for another shot?
Is this last year’s visiting male ‘Streak’ come back for another shot?

20160307 Bula q streak 2 20160307 Bula q streak B 1 20160307 Bula q streak B 2 20160307 Bula q streak B 3

I also should warn you that we will be off the air for a bit longer.   We have to do some software and hardware upgrades.  I will have to get a new computer (or lease one) as mine is 8 years old and starting to feel its age (by regularly, and rather annoyingly, crashing for hours at a time).  And we also need to upgrade the recording software.     Fortunately, I was able to get most of the data I needed this week, and there’s nothing much exciting happening at present (apart from visitors, of course!).  No food has been brought in; no sightings of juveniles; and the courtship has been fairly desultory.  Won’t be long, however…..

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