Update on our first time parents

Well, after going through three weeks of tapes, I don’t have a huge amount to report, but a few notes and one juvenile sighting.

Diamond has been spending most nights in the box.  Quite a bit of time in the day too (male as well).  We had a nasty storm on 14th January and Diamond appeared to move back into the box to avoid the deluge – I’ve never noticed that before and have often wondered why they don’t use the box more to shelter from storms. 20160114 Diamond shelters from storm 1

Usually she leaves the box around dawn and Bula arrives for a bit.  There has been some courtship behaviour, too and some desultory scratching at the scrape (mostly Bula).

I had one glimpse of a juvenile.  Bula could clearly see her (?) coming and took off, with juvenile in tow.  This was on 16th January and I haven’t seen them since (but have only just came back).   It’s raining at the moment, but when it clears, I’ll go and have a skulk around to see if I can find them.   No food has been brought into the box for some weeks now.

Juvenile fly past 16th January, with Bula (male)
Juvenile fly past 16th January, with Bula (male) following

20160116 juv fly past 2

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