Two out of three together

Had a wander to see if I could find Tumbler – and lo, and behold, she has successfully joined her sister in one of the roost trees….note how well camouflaged they are.

Walga and Tumbler together 2

And here are shots of them separately.  I’ve put Walga as being on the left, but honestly, not sure which is which at this stage.

Walga, I think...
Walga, I think…
Tumbler, perhaps??
Tumbler, perhaps??


No sign of little Tardy yet, but I haven’t given up hope.  Just fledged juveniles have often disappeared for five days or more before finding their way back to the roost.

Apart from Aspro, who fell out of the nest in a storm last year and was never found, and one who hurt her leg during hunting-training, we have always had success with our fledglings finding their way in the world, so let’s keep hoping and looking.

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  1. Gorgeous photos Cilla – I’m glad ‘the girls’ have each other. Keeping my fingers crossed for little Tardy, because he seemed to have a bit of a rough start and it was so good to see him strike out so confidently with Mum/Dad(?) in pursuit.

  2. Maybe he(?)’s looking for Tardy too…. keeps counting two chicks and thinking the third must still be in the nest. No wonder he/she looks confused! Dee, I’m never sure which parent is which unless I see them in relation to each other or the chicks. I’m still so new to Peregrines that I think they all look the same. I’m sure there must be subtle differences between them.

  3. Dad is on the ledge right now- he is quite a bit thinner. do you suppose he is looking for the little ones … or just searching for food?

  4. Someone is still on the ledge. It’s definitely an adult as it was turned facing the camera at 1:05 am screen time and turned with it’s back to the cam sometime after 1:25 am. I think it’s Diamond because of her size when facing the cam, and Bula’s a lot leaner, but I could be wrong. If it’s Diamond, I wonder why she’s roosting on the ledge? Maybe to keep an eye on her fledglings in the trees below her? At 3:50 am the adult is still there.
    Cilla and Scott, I hope you can find Tardy. He fledged on the 16th and it’s now the 21st. I hope the parents found him and are feeding him. Please keep us informed of any sightings of the girls and Tardy and let us know if they are flying around and chasing each other and/or their parents. Thank you so much for all of your reports, pics and videos!
    And it’s going to be much cooler today, calling for a high of about 24C/75F and 21C/70F tomorrow and 24C/75 Mon.

  5. Thank you so much for watching and for the beautiful photographs. It’s so nice to see them in a natural setting. Just lovely.

  6. Hope upon hope… there’s one in the nest at the moment who looks smaller than the others. Is it Tardy?

  7. Someone still on the ledge, back to camera, I don’t see even one hint of fluff, but kids could have lost all that now…not sure.

  8. i am almost certain the little ones would not be able to make it back up to the nest box. i wouldn’t think their flight muscles would allow that just yet. i thought i had read it was nearly 150′ up!! that is quite a ways for newly fledged juvies- just hoping they’re all OK if grounded

  9. i keep hoping we will see movement in the trees or fly abouts. thankfully, the road has minimal traffic. i am zoomed in at 300% hoping to see one

  10. There was just a change-over, as one adult arrived and the other left. I’m pretty sure the arrival is Bula, so I guess it was Diamond there for so long.

  11. The one there at the moment appears to have a tiny tuft of fluff on its back…. ???? (I know I’m probably just getting desperate for a Tardy sighting….) and I know Tardy appeared to be all out of fluff (apart from his little mohawk) when he left…

  12. I too am desperate for a Tardy sighting, I noticed the tiniest bit of fluff on the head 😀 .. but they did do a big sweeping fly over the trees then around and back to the top of the tower I think. I’ve been watching some currawong chicks who fledged the same day as Tardy (we had to take one to the vet as it wasn’t able to get back into the trees and there were no low branches and we have A LOT of stray cats (was also a huge storm happening at the time). But the siblings are doing acrobats in the sky on the hot currents yesterday seeming to play with leaping, gliding and falling then fling around again. Their flight skills have come so far in a few days, so I’m just hoping Tardy too had found his wings and will be flying back soon.

  13. Okay, that was interesting. One parent (Diamond?) was on the ledge and the other was on the roof. They both flew down to the roost trees together. In my head I suppose I had the idea that one was with the chicks and one was elsewhere. Evidently that’s not the case. They must’ve been observing the chicks from afar…

    Where are you, Tardy???

  14. Dee, when you are talking about the siblings doing acrobatics, I’m assuming you are talking about the currawongs, and not our falcon girls?

    Cilla (in Sydney)

  15. Cilla we may need guidance here! why are we seeing parent on ledge so much of the time? shouldn’t she be where the little ones are? just worrying a bit…

  16. I’m not worried about them being on the ledge as it is a good vantage point, both to keep on eye on the fledgelings, but also as a hunting look-out.

    I’ve just got back from Sydney and spent a couple of hours looking around, but not much news, I’m afraid. The girls have moved from their original tree.

    Apart from the parents, I did see a third bird briefly flying, but couldn’t identify sex/age. It is a bit of a needle in a haystack job, however. I also walked back up and down the pines, the paddock adjacent and some further trees and Diamond followed me, scolding, so it’s possible that Tardy is still in that eastern section, but, if so, he should have been able to get back by now.

    Will keep you posted if I have any news. I don’t like to spend too long near their trees as the longer the adults are worrying about me, the less time they have for hunting etc.

  17. 7.30pm – am I watching baby falcons doing flight-training? (just to the left of the parent on the ledge, but far far below…..)

  18. 7.30pm – am I watching baby falcons doing flight-training? (just to the left of the parent on the ledge, but far far below…..)

  19. Jen, it was moved by one of the parents close to the ledge. I think another pair of eyes to look out for the fledelings. (Haa) But somewhere it’s been taken away by a bunch of flies I think.

  20. Bula, the dear boy, seemed to be doing a bit of a clean-up the other day. I saw him hopping about with a very crunchy bit of corpse at one stage – cleaning up the kids’ mess?

  21. At 8:41 am I could see someone walking away from the trees and across the open grass towards the left. Maybe someone was out there checking the trees for the fledglings. If so, hopefully we’ll get a report on any findings.

  22. I went out this morning (but about 10-11) and saw the two youngsters flying from tree to tree, both juvenile females. One parent (Diamond) in tree and other (Bula) on top of tower.

  23. aww bet that sure brought a smile to your face Cilla! so happy you caught sight of them- the females anyway. perhaps soon Tardy will show up- he was so determined from the get-go! fly on little falcons!

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