changing of the plumage

Amazing how the moulting appears to be happening so fast, almost as one watches.  Some are changing slightly faster than the others, but this is quite natural and does not necessarily mean they are necessarily maturing more slowly.

Few whole birds have been brought in as prey, but I think it has been mainly juvenile starlings this week, plus a pigeon and a galah, easy to recognise as they only bird round her with pink plumage.

The chicks still huddle together at night and when well fed during the day, but otherwise they scoot around the box somewhat alarmingly (as you’ve noted) near the ledge.

Also getting pretty cheeky.  This was two days ago.

Cheeky chick having a nag
Cheeky chick having a nag

20151102 nagging chick 2 20151102 nagging chick 3

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