Season 8 hatching has begun

This morning at about 4.30am local EST the first hatching began. The little bobblehead popped out with some help from Diamond who helped pull the shell apart from the squeaking eyas. It seems strong and capable, with all the right bits attached. A first feeding occurred around 7am which seemed a trial for both parties in figuring out how it all works!

Season 8 first chick hatching 1Season 8 first chick hatching 2Season 8 first hatching first feeding 1Season 8 first hatching first feeding 2

First suggestion for the first chick’s name have started – Cilla’s got the local aboriginal “Walcha” (“falcon”) so far.

Video clips up soon …

2 thoughts

  1. “Tumbler” is my preference so far, lol. I have been very anxious for the little eyas, who only had one foot (according to me 😉 ) for quite a while. Some of us do have to worry!

    How thrilling to have a fruitful scrape this season.

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