Number two is here

You guys are always ahead of me, but the second egg made its appearance at 1422 hours yesterday and all appears to be well.   I was still worried about the first egg, which appeared to have a protrusion on it, which didn’t bode well, but this morning it looks fine, so fingers crossed.

20150902 D's no. two 5 laying 20150902 D's no. two 6 looking 20150902 D's no. two 7 first glimpse 20150902 D's no. two 8 first proper lookthe landcare conference went very well and I particularly enjoyed the Aboriginal burning workshop.  Lots of food for thought.

4 thoughts

  1. i see B is having quite a time getting both eggs under him 😀
    yesterday he only got one under,then had to rearrange himself
    Is he quite small for a falcon male?

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