Diamond and Bula welcome their first egg

Exciting news to begin the week when new peregrine mum, Diamond, laid her first egg this morning at local time 1.37am (thanks viewer Cherilyn)! It’s a great start for this pair and initiates a timeline for everyone to follow. We can now hope for further eggs in this clutch over the next couple of days. Generally speaking, if there are more eggs to come the incubation on the initial/first egg is slowed up until the full clutch has been laid and then full time incubation can begin to try and keep hatchings closer together. Fortunately Diamond has agreed with us to lay her egg in a scraping that’s covered by our cameras; at one point there was a possibility we’d miss out.

Video footage will be posted on here over the next couple of hours so check back frequently. Great news for all involved in FalconCam Project, and all our Project supporters!

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