Trees gone, but birds still here

The trees, three large (mostly dead) and a couple of smaller pine trees were removed this week, and all that remains of them is a pile of pinebark mulch.  The old aviary that housed a wounded wedge-tail eagle (more than 20 years ago) has also been dismantled.   This latter area is to be come a yarning circle for Wiradjuri people in the proposed Aboriginal Nature and Bioscience Park.   It has an amazing view of Mount Canobolas, which is a very special place for local indigenous people.

So far there has been no change in the behaviour of the birds using the nest-box.  I have been scouting around the old roost tree area, but cannot see which, if any, of the existing eucalypts the birds are using.   Hopefully I’ll catch them in one of the trees next week after the Easter break (with my camera, I trust).

Of course the nature of the existing trees is that their canopies are much more ‘cluttered’, so it will be harder to see the birds, particularly when the young are around.

I’ll go up the tower next week to clean the camera, too…promise.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Cilla. I’m quite relieved that Beau and Swift haven’t fled the area – in fact they had a lovely bowing session this morning (your time) so they seem quite happy with life!

    What is a yarning circle?

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