Project appearance at Orange campus “Market Day”

This week at Orange campus it’s the new year’s Orientation Week for the new students and their familes to get to know campus and CSU. As usual FalconCam Project turned up at our usual table, complete with brochures, advertising materials and some merchandise in the form of greeting cards, t-shirts, coffee mugs, the odd keyring, pen and bookmark etc. A blustery day meant our tall banners wouldn’t stay up so we relied on the computer screen to see that Beau and Swift had bolted for the day too (not big fans of large human crowds, it seems)! Plenty of interest though and we hope more locals will now keep an eye out for these peregrines in the skies above Orange. We’ve had a few reports lately of locals being “buzzed” by the odd peregrine taking advantage of the limited space in front of windscreens or alongside country road drives. We’ll pin these daredevil stunts on Beau who’s already been identified as the culprit in cutting cars off while driving up around the campus driveway as he heads for the Concrete Hilton!

News Flash – There’s also talk at the moment about converting the aforested area down below the tower in to an aboriginal garden and walkway. The official terminology is still to come but the Project staff will be talking closely with campus staff involved in this really good concept so the resident peregrines don’t lose any of their tall roost capability, and if those old trees do have to come down (some are rightly deemed unsafe now) we’ll be looking at suitable artificial alternatives. This exciting concept is very early days yet, and talk of the walkway has been around for a few years now, so we’ll watch with interest as to how it pans out. More information very soon.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Scott. Great to hear about Beau’s exploits in flight – I’d be more than happy for our local peregrines to do the same to me!

    I take it the trees you’re talking about are the ones we can see from the ledge camera? I can see some very obviously dead trees in there. I would also love to know what an aboriginal garden involves.

    I hope you, Cilla and Tiffany are all OK and enjoying the sunshine while it lasts!

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