update late January 2015

All quiet on the Western Front.  No food being brought into the box, but Swift often cleans her beak when she arrives as if she has just eaten.  Swift is usually, but not always sleeping in the box, with Beau often arriving early morning.   Pair bonding has been a bit one sided, with Beau appearing to be more keen than Swift, who sometimes turns her back on him…. he is spending a lot of day time in the box and he is also still preparing the scrapes, but she is not.

We’ve had quite a bit of rain this month, with some rather fierce storms, which wet the camera, so will go up and clean it if I get time.  I thought that the birds might both shelter in the box when this happens, but there’s no evidence of that.  I guess they are pretty tough cookies.

Here is a picture of Beau arriving at the box.

Beau arrives in the box
Beau arrives in the box

201501 Beau arrival 2 201501 Beau arrival 3 201501 Beau arrival 4

I’m away again for two weeks, but the webcam will be monitored by Tiffany Mason, a friend who works at the Nature Conservation Trust and has a background in ornithology.  She’s coming in for another training session in data collection and shot capture tomorrow, so I’ll get her to introduce herself…

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  1. Thanks for the update, Cilla. I hope that your next absence actually involves a well-earned holiday – you’ve been quite busy lately! I look forward to hearing from Tiffany.

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