Aspro getting too big for boots!

This chick is being very well looked after.   Bird after bird (usually in fragments, unfortunately, so very hard to identify) is coming in.  Swift has brought in a couple as well, although one at least of these was snatched by her outside the box I think as it was extremely quick.  He is having difficulty getting right under Swift at night, although sometimes she just squashes him or her flat.

Fragment of prey - galah perhaps?
Fragment of prey – galah perhaps?

I understand that the cameras are still out on some people’s computers?  I have access via the ‘inside’ so am no

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  1. Hi, Cilla

    Aspro is indeed growing much bigger – it’s good to see!

    We’re able to access the cameras using Firefox but they’re freezing quite a lot, especially Camera 1. I still can’t get the cameras up on Google Chrome.

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