The cameras are back!!

It’s been a very long wait, but they’re back again. Thanks heaps to CSU DIT members, Duss’ and Amber (& other worker elves) for their diligence and efforts in getting the camera ports operating again. The changes that have been made should alleviate what was going to be another time-out in the near future, and barring natural catastrophes we’ll be able to stream all the way through to the end point now.

Apologies to all – it’s been a long and frustrating wait, but we’re back online. If your camera page shows a white box where the feed is meant to be just click on the white and it should bring the feed up once more. Also try refreshing the page again, as both pages are a re-write. Thanks…

(Ed. there now seems a problem in Chrome for some reason. Got the worker elves looking in to it….. sorry….)

Further note: the return of the camera feeds has shown up a few old failings in the technology being used. For example Chrome has an issue (Firefox is a definite OK!), but also we still face the problem of using out-of-favour Flash-based software which won’t work on modern Android and Apple products. We’re speaking to the CSU techs as well but after this season’s over we’ll look more closely at alternative technology so all devices can enjoy the views… just don’t tell Aspro!

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  1. Hi Scott and Cilla

    Thank you all so much for the time and effort you’ve put in – not only getting the live stream back up but keeping us all informed about what’s happening! The only thing is I still can’t get the cams…..I can only assume my Google defaults to Chrome. Looking forward to that being sorted out.


  2. Here in the US (Detroit, Michigan area) the cams are still down since the storm. Hope this information can help you get them back up. When I click on either cam, Nest or Ledge, for a split second in the middle of the viewing window a box appears that has a hand with the index finger pointing up and then the viewing window goes completely black. Guessing this means wait a minute but nothing further ever happens. I managed to get and save a screen print of it but do not see a way to attach it for you to see. Hope this information is helpful. My Canadian friends are having the same issue. We all miss watching Swift, Beau and Aspro.

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