Day 8 update

I apologise for the problem with the cameras.  Unfortunately, I do not have the permission (nor the skill) to try and fix the issue.     Both Scott and I are working in a volunteer capacity – and Scott is not even on campus any more.

All is going well, however, with the breeding season.   Bird preys (usually larger birds such as pigeons, parrots, starlings, blackbirds and large honeyeaters, but occasionally including small passerines, such as this tiny striated pardalote, are bring brought into the nest (usually by Beau) regularly, even through the bad weather.   Aspro lets it be known when he has had enough by turning his back, or simply falling over…

The other egg is still being incubated on and off, but presumably this will not last.  However, to be on the safe side, I’d prefer to wait until it is quite clearly abandoned before trying to retrieve it.


tiny striated pardalote as a snack
tiny striated pardalote as a snack

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  1. Many thanks Scott & Cilla for keeping all of us avid watchers updated & for posting the pics to keep us going whilst not being able to view ‘live’

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