Camera streaming connectivity progress slow

Apologies to all. We’ve isolated the problem in the network but changes to the camera page coding, along with the various stages involved in getting the network glitch sorted, are proving time-costly. Part of the issue is that CSU’s capability to port access to the outside world is undergoing a major structural change, so instead of patching temporarily, and then again when the change happens, we’re trying to shortcut the process by reconfiguring ourselves now…. which is losing us streaming at this end of the bargain.

We will attempt more changes and tests over the weekend… frustrating isn’t a strong enough word!!!

Incidentally, as Cilla stated, I’m not in the employ of CSU anymore but the head of DIT, Phil Roy, has very kindly approved access to the network and DIT areas to allow the Project to continue unabated, which is proving handy when equipment such as cameras and servers need to be maintained. After this breeding season is over it will also allow us to make some big software upgrades as well, and so thanks, Phil and team, for giving us this opportunity to keep going!

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