Ongoing camera dramas

We’ve had some good people on campus running some tests for us to try and confirm what equipment is working and what’s not (not being back in the country myself just yet). We now know the cameras are fine, and both servers are up and running, but we’ve narrowed the connectivity issue down to a possible network switch configuration problem that has yet to be rectified i.e. the streams aren’t reaching the outside world. CSU’s DIT staff have been notified of the issues. Apologies to all for the terrible timing of this downtime. Worst case scenario is that we may be affected through until later this week. Rest assured that the peregrines are quite OK after the storm.

As we hear of progress I’ll let you know…

Right, who did it?
Right, who did it?

2 thoughts

  1. Thank you so much for keeping us all up to date, Scott – it’s very much appreciated. I love the evil grin of the gentleman in the photo!

  2. I’m so missing the young one’s progress. I hope you can resolve the streaming problem soon 🙁

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