Inside Week 1 for the first chick

The first chick for this 2014 season is coming along and appears to be very healthy. Swift and Beau were very quickly in to a feeding pattern and numerous items have been offered from the ‘a la bird carte’ menu so far. Unfortunately the 2nd egg is taking its time to hatch and prospects aren’t that great, but Swift is still taking great care with the egg. Indeed there was a large time gap between layings this year so there’s still hope.

Cilla has been gathering pics and video clips from the surveillance server and these will be available later this week.

Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support. More fun and frivolity to come over the next few weeks, it seems!

One thought

  1. Many thanks, Scott – my fingers are still crossed for the egg. It has been so lovely to watch Aspro grow – and it was adorable watching him/her during the storm. Is the lightning the reason both cams are down?

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