old married couple

I noticed some strange behaviour today.  Normally the birds spend no more than a few minutes in the box together, usually interacting (courting, bickering, or protecting prey), but today Swift landed while Beau was incubating and just sat on the ledge for nearly 30 minutes before finally chivying Beau to leave – and she did it again later in the day, but just for three minutes.   Perhaps they are finally getting comfortable spending time together without histrionics!

2 thoughts

  1. Old married couple, indeed! Finally able to stand each others company quietly in such close proximity! hahaha! Thanks for the update, Cilla!

  2. Strange indeed, especially when you consider how much they need to tolerate each other when it comes to fertilising the eggs!! I have noticed Beau seems much more relaxed while incubating – perhaps that’s why Swift is happier around him.

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