Night time vision temporarily solved

Sorry for the lack of vision at night recently. It seems we were so used to using the old (read, VERY old) nest camera for its infrared lighting that when it decided to stop working we lost all our wonderful night vision. But we’ve managed to restart the camera properly and it now provides us with a nice warm black/white glow overnight. Just in time as courting has begun up above the tour and we can but hope for results some time towards the end of July and in to August.

The talk at Rotary of Orange Daybreak breakfast in Orange this week went very well with plenty of interest and questions. A very (but understandably) limited time frame to tell the attendees about the Project but another good audience. Thankyou to Lois Willing for allowing us the opportunity to speak! Amongst various discussions was the subject of where we go from here with the Project. At the moment we’re tending towards adding 1 or 2 more cameras in various locations, one possibly quite remote which will pose big logistics issues for our camera people! We also want to look at legal banding, but also the possibility of employing GPS beacons. This, though, is a really huge step financially so we’ll bide our time. We’d love to know where these peregrines go to, where they feed, where they spend their time etc.

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