New camera streaming server in place

We’ve successfully upgraded and installed the new camera streaming server and it appears to be working pretty well. Internally this unit is running at about half the processing power required for the old unit and so should hopefully be a little quicker to begin streaming, as well as be more stable. It’s automatically rebooted once a day to clear away any defects or faults in itself and is being kept in a cool server room.

If there are any streaming issues (beyond the usual!) please let us know by leaving comments inside an open news item.

This replacement server is not the end answer yet and we’re still working on an upgraded software package that will give us better compatibility with not only computers but also Android tablets (that don’t do Flash natively) and other devices.

Thanks for your patience,     Scott

Swift taking a break
Taking a break

2 thoughts

  1. Hi, Scott

    Many thanks for keeping us all up to date – it is very much appreciated. The live stream seems to be improved – it still freezes occasionally but I find I can always get both cameras up and running. Hope this lasts!

    I hope it’s less hot for you all – I don’t know how on earth I’d manage in the kind of temperatures you’ve been having.

    Take care, all, and keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks for the update Scott, regarding Swift & Beau. Got a great snip of Swift on the ledge yesterday & she looked to be just fine. They should be okay now with the weather cooling down and of course, if they get some much needed rain.

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