Streaming camera server maintenance due

Just a quick note to let everyone know that over the next 2-4 days we’ll be replacing and upgrading the current camera streaming server. The software stays roughly the same, and the web pages won’t change, but the box on which the software sits on is being replaced with a unit of about 10 years newer pedigree! Apologies for any interruptions to the feeds in this period of time – with some luck (fingers and toes crossed here!) this upgrade will improve the reliability and stability of the feeds.


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  1. Many thanks, Scott – it’s good to know what’s happening. I hope it goes smoothly!

    My fingers are crossed you get some more civilised temperatures soon.

  2. Is Swift okay ?? Seen her fly off 2 nights ago & she hasn’t returned. She looked very thin but appreared to be okay. Any reports of a sighting ??

    1. Hi Skywings,
      it’s been a tentative period of time, with this incredibly dry heatwave in Orange. Concern for Beau and Swift’s welfare has been on everyone’s minds. We’ve been checking the surveillance server regularly for activity and noticed Swift on the ledge for periods of time. Indeed she was there as recently as yesterday afternoon, and appears to be quite healthy. The only signs of Beau have been the odd call from the trees below. We’ll keep watching and hope the weather today brings much-needed rain and cooler temperatures (hence, more reliable food supply again). Thanks for the note.

  3. Thanks for the update Scott. Got a great snip of Swift on the ledge today & she looked to be fine. I was concerned about her and of course any peregrine anywhere in the world. They are my ultimate, all time favorite raptor.
    Hope the weather cooperates and cools down for them and of course get some much needed rains.

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