FalconCam Project domain name is finally clear!

After months of background work, good networking and some in-depth inquiries, we’ve finally had our domain name cleared from all malware listings, months after the website itself was actually cleared and secured. Rest assured now that the name, falconcamproject.org is good to go again and we can continue the Project in the knowledge that news, photos and information we bring to the worldwide community of peregrine falcon research will continue to contribute to the international effort in understanding and protecting this incredible bird species. In studying these birds we also hope to contribute to a better understanding of all species endangered by human encroachment across the globe.

We received an email today from another really interesting peregrine falcon monitoring group in Ontario, Canada. The link to the Hamilton Community Peregrine Project has been added to the links on the right hand side. Thanks for your email, Christina; always good to compare notes from around the world!

Thanks to all our supporters and viewers for sticking with us! Now we await more news from Swift and Beau, in the hope of a second breeding cycle this season – fingers crossed …

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