Youngster exploring pine trees

A quick update to say that, as of this morning, Snow is still up in the large old pine trees in the wood opposite the nest.  He is clambering about and doing short flight bursts between branches, but I haven’t witnessed any longer flights, nor feeds.  But of course, I can’t spend all day looking through the scope (which has been set up in an office belonging to the head of school, who is probably unaware of its current use) and we have no external cameras, alas.  Last night Swift was sitting a few feet from him, so clearly they know where he is and I’m sure are feeding him.

At least the parents are no longer bring prey into the box as they did on Day 1, although they are still visiting and often meet up there for a ritual courtship manoevre (heads bowed, clucking).

When Snow starts doing longer flights, I’ll go and forage around under the tree for feathers to see if I can see what prey has been taken.  There is a lot of tangled understorey there, but will have a look anyway.



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  1. I just noticed the two falcons in the nest area. Is it common for the fledgling to return to the nest? We have falcons at our University and there are cameras and once the young fledge they do not return to the nesting area.

    I have enjoyed watching the cameras. Thank you.

  2. Snow spent the evening in the nest with Swift. Fun to watch. this is great. he was being a pest with Swift though. he left at first light and then Swift followed. He came back for a short bit and left again.

    this is quite common for them to come back to nestbox. At U of A in Alberta , they have come back to box after fledging and if they do not come back to box itself , they spend a lot of time on roof ledge just below

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