Snow in action

With Snow now safely out in the trees being constantly monitored by both Swift and Beau we’ve uploaded a couple more videos of this season’s “poster boy” before life changes too much and Snow drifts away from us as the months go past.

The video clips – Beau arrives with food but Snow takes over on the ledge, a last supper together for Snow and Swift, another of  Snow in one of those scary moments on the ledge, and the rather rushed and panicky moment when Swift and Snow drag themselves out over the threshold (there’s grainy ledge cam vision too which we’ll upload shortly).

5 thoughts

  1. All I can say is WOW. . .not the fledge we normally see. . After seeing that “exit”, its so good to know that Snow is ok!!!

    Thanks for posting the video clips and I look forward to seeing the ledge cam version!!

    I appreciate so much you keeping all of us in the loop with your updates!!!

  2. Thanks for all these incredible videos and for keeping us all up to date on Snow. I am so enjoying following his progress in his young life.

  3. thank-you so much for being our eyes on the ground. so nice to know both parents are keeping watch. Terrific videos.

    looks like maybe Snow fledged before he was ready, by that video

  4. Merci pour ces magnifiques vidéos! et le nid est vide à nouveau…quelle belle saison merci à cette belle famille de faucons et à vous tous pour le travail formidable que vous accomplissez jours après jours!

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