Snow has departed

We’re pawing over some very average, (very low light) archive footage from this morning, but it seems that Snow has left us in a squawking, anxious moment, at 5.43am, hanging on to Swift, before taking off out the window. We’ve done a brief recce around the grounds and in the trees first thing this morning, but to no avail yet. The poor quality image from the very old ledge camera didn’t give us a very good indication as to exactly which direction Snow headed, but we’ve got campus staff, including the gardening crew, on the look-out for the first sighting. If Snow is anything like Solo 2 seasons ago we may not find the brat for a few days yet, but long as we get a sighting shortly to know Snow is safe we’ll all be happy. Will also try to obtain handheld video footage soon as possible too……..

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  1. Thank you to all the staff involved in the falcon project, allowing us to view such significant images of the falcon family. We have enjoyed watching Snow’s development and are pleased to hear that Snow has successfully fledged and is hiding out there somewhere. Best of luck to Snow, Beau and Swift.

  2. I have been watching since Snow woke up this morning. I could tell she was squawking and anxious. . I turned my head and saw 2 in the nest, then they were gone! I hope she ate and is okay.
    Love these birds.

  3. Thanks for all your vigilant care for Snow and for the updates. I hope Snow is OK and is spotted soon on campus. Looking forward to video and more updates – Snow still has a lot to learn from Swift and Beau.

  4. Snow had been found alive and well and after some measurements were taken, has been placed in a tree in an obvious spot near the nest.

    Scott will put up some photos soon, but for those interested here are the measurements:

    Wing 264 mm
    Tail 130.2 mm
    Weight 570 g\

    As this is approx 80% of adult male wing and tail length, it confirms Snow as a male.

    Cilla (relieved!).

  5. What wonderful news that Snow is ok! Congratulations to all and thanks so much for keeping us informed. Can’t wait for the photos.

  6. Thank you so much for helping to make this a successful fledge. I have really enjoyed watching Snow from egg to fledge. This is such a beautiful family. I really enjoyed the fact that Swift spent so much time with Snow. Thank you for allowing us to see this.

  7. I am watching now at aound 1PM Sydney time Tuesday – Swift has returned to the nest twice with food – I cannot tell what it is… she looking for Snow??

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