Feisty but free – Snow has fledged!

With calls out to campus staff early this morning to keep an eye out for a loose young peregrine Snow was finally located in a very precarious spot in the campus top carpark by maintenance staffer, Betty-Anne, so was retrieved by Cilla and brought back to the office for weighing and measuring. Car drivers would not be expecting a bird of that nature to be strutting around the car park so it was elected to remove Snow to a safer location. Snow will be considered a male as all measurements fit (more info from Cilla shortly). Snow proved to be quite fiesty and indeed without gloves Cilla would’ve received large pinholes from claw marks, and narrowly missed losing parts of her hand as Snow spun round for a bite, but all’s well, no harm done, and Snow was returned to the same tree as 2 of the 3 young ones from last year’s brood, looking a little alarmed but happier in his own space. Swift has spent all day resting up in the Concrete Hilton and doesn’t yet seem interested in joining Snow outside in the trees just yet.

New photos of Snow in the big wide colourful world can be found over in the photo gallery to the right, and further video clips will be uploaded tonight….

Snow fledged - 43 days old

Thanks to Nadine and the Central Western Daily for today’s article too – appreciated, and to Prime TV for your coverage Saturday night!

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  1. Thank you so much for this timely info! I’ve been desperate, wondering if Swift was mourning her lost boy and planning to replace him asap, she’s been nest-cupping (to my osprey-oriented eyes). So happy that Snow has been relocated to an appropriate perch and is well – thank you all :-*

  2. Thanks so much for that update and for the great pics. . I was so relieved to read he had been found!!! He is just gorgeous!!!

    I look forward to future updates and hopefully, pics!!!

    Go Snow Go!!!

  3. Happy Cilla was allright with that towel during the saving of little Snow. 😉 I loved watching Swift staying with him so often… wonderfull their cuddlings together. Beau is a great dad, even if we didn’t see him much, I know he was the one who took care of the meals. A new stade arrived for them now and I hope you will have the possibility to continue following them snd report from time to time.
    Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much for the update on Snow. How exciting. Snow is just beautiful. Glad you have found him on campus and relocated him from the car park. what a great community!

  5. So glad to see Snow has fledged successfully and that you found him close by. Congratulations and thanks for your brilliant efforts keeping us all informed with commentary and pics. I hope these beautiful birds and the Project continue to thrive!

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