Some “Snow” moments on video

Snow’s strength is growing and so is the pent up energy and frustration, being stuck in a confined space when the outside world now beckons. Fledging should be approximately 2nd-4th November, when that amazingly brave leap of faith will hopefully, and safely, take place from the Concrete Hilton. We’re all on peregrine-watch now and the moment Snow goes over the edge we’ll be down there making sure the big leap has been a safe one, without incident. Swift has been actively annoying any visitors around the tower, and will be more intense once Snow leaps.

A warning to anyone around Orange who wishes to check out Snow’s progress up in the trees – Swift has been known to dive on unsuspecting visitors so look up and be wary of any movement, and take heed of any verbal warnings from Beau and Swift.

Video clips – Snow and Swift sharing some time, Snow having a fit with mum Swift, and a brief clip of Snow showing off the growing wings and strength ….

The FalconCam Project crew would also like to thank all our viewers and followers over the last few years for your fantastic support – the website has just passed the 80,000 visitor mark since inception. It’s great to know our effort and enthusiasm for these amazing creatures is rewarded with such a dedicated┬á following. Thanks everyone & keep watching with us!!


3 thoughts

  1. We should thank you, the whole falcon crew, for allowing us to watch these beautiful birds during their nesting season!
    (It also eases the empty-nest-syndrome a lot) LOL

    What do you think, is Snow a boy or a girl?
    I tend to think it’s a boy, based on the size difference between him and Swift.

    I loved the scene where he was practising his grabbing on Mommie’s tail feathers. ­čÖé

  2. Bonjour du Q├ębec, Snow is ready to leave the nest!
    Thank you all for these beautiful videos and your work that allows us to follow these magnificent birds!, And good first flight Snow!!

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