Easter time in the eyrie

Life around the Concrete Hilton goes on as per normal for Swift and Beau. With no kids around they have the area all to themselves and have indeed been staying close to home. On some days Swift has spent most of her day here, either on the ledge, snoozing in the eyrie or up high on the roof. Yesterday we were treated to both adults on top of the tower, pretending not to notice each other but enjoying the sun! This morning a mini-flock of 10 cockatoos arrived to disturb Beau’s peace around on the microwave dish. They spread themselves out over the angled roof and it took them a while to notice Beau around the corner but the white clowns soon flew off again, no harm done..

A happy and safe Easter to all our viewers, supporters and crew. Best wishes to everyone in the northern hemisphere where your peregrines are returning home once more. Keep in touch!

Cleared for take-off!

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