New HD camera is now available online

After a week or so of unusual power glitches affecting our servers and cameras it appears we’re past the worst. We took the opportunity during the various power cycles and reboots to finally feed the hi-definition nest camera through our web pages, replacing the older &  lower quality nest camera, a unit which has been a faithful servant for a good period of time and has witnessed some of our most incredible memories, but has now effectively been superseded in technology. You’ll find the improved nest view at our camera pages, hosted by CSU’s Division of Information Technology web servers. This new beast is a day/night, all-weather camera with awesome colour quality (more details on the nest camera page) . We’ve also been able to improve the Project’s technical control over the camera web pages after negotiation with CSU which should allow for efficiency in tasks as required – thanks heaps to Robbo, James and Bobbie for allowing us this liberty!

We must also again mention our fantastic technology suppliers, Shane at IP Video Solutions and Basil at Lan1, who have provided sound technological advice, good equipment, and more than worthy sponsorship for our software and hardware improvements. They play a big part in the results we’re able to bring to everyone now.

We have further technical “behind the scenes” improvements to undergo to our streaming capability and stability shortly but will keep down-time to a minimum. Thanks everyone for sticking with us!

Incidentally Swift has been delighting us with her regular audiences on her ledge and the occasional rest in the eyrie, but it’s also created difficulties in arranging a maintenance climb, which will have to be done any time now.

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