Merry Christmas to you all, from Swift, Beau and clan

A very big thankyou to everyone who visited and supported us this year. It’s been easily the biggest and most successful year yet for the Project and our ambitions. We hope that Santa doesn’t swing too close to the tower because he’s going to get a big fright, especially if the reindeer aren’t sure how to handle a 320km/hr flying dodgem car!

Campus is out for the break until 3rd January but the Project team will be making regular visits to check on activities in the trees. In what they’re calling the coolest lead-up to summer in Orange on record we doubt there’ll be food supply issues. With some luck, and a break in eyrie occupancy, we’ll also get the HD camera finally mounted and running. Then to wait until we can get CSU to update our web pages so all can see.

Best wishes to you all – you’ve all played a major part in FalconCam Project this year and your support is appreciated. It enables us to move on up, giving improved better results and views, and we hope we’re providing a valuable resource for the advancement of knowledge on peregrines falcons and raptors in general…

2 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the “entertainment” this breeding season. So glad we could be a part of it. Look forward to further visits .

    Merry Christmas and hope you all have a happy, healthy and successful 2012.

    Yvonne, Secretary,
    30 Squadron Beaufighter Association

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, Scott & Cilla and to Beau & Swift & family from all of the Kinderchicklets over here in Winnipeg, Canada. It has been a wonderful introduction to the life of peregrine falcons for my Kindergarten students and one that we hope to continue in the Spring here in Canada. Thank you for providing us with this extraordinary learning experience!

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