The run in to Christmas

With a week predicted to be possible showers and dodgy weather at best we hope to continue receiving ongoing visits from the peregrine clan. The ledge has been quiet over the last few days, and in the rain this morning Swift arrived to take cover. Amusingly she was caught out yesterday by one of her youngsters in her favourite hiding spot, around the corner on the old microwave dish. She sits there when the youngsters are in attendance, but she was finally “bounced” and spent about an hour getting an ear-bashing from the youngster who had taken residence next to her on the dish itself… all to no avail!

For the CSU students who follow us here keep an eye out in the latest CSU Student News as we have another article being run – thanks for asking us again Kate P! We are also booked in to give a brief Project talk to the Orange Field Naturalists group in early February at their AGM; Cilla is a member and it will be a nice captive audience!

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