The trees are our friends

On an overcast but warm and dry day it appears all three youngsters are in attendance, either on the tower or in the trees eagerly awaiting lunch. We’re only getting the occasional visit on the ledge at the moment but no doubt that will change when rain returns tomorrow (predicted). A brief lunchtime wander out in to the trees located an aggravated Beau (as usual) and one of the three youngsters high up in the “feeding tree” before doing loops & settling on to one of the lower lying gumtrees nearby. Earlier we saw Swift checking up on one of her youngsters in the eyrie but made a quick escape when she got attacked again – we’d have to say, with an attitude like that, it must’ve been Ophir lying in wait again!!

One thought

  1. Ophir is likely to make a fierce, protective mum. We had one a few years ago that would knock mum right off her perch and there were times I though mum would give her a smack with her wing but she exhibited nothing but patience with her. 3 years later we heard from a biologist that ID’s her by her bands – she had her own nest and 3 young in the nest so her aggressiveness likely helped her survive those crucial first 2 years from juvenile to adult.

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