Close to home in the inclement weather

We’ve been very lucky over the last 2 days with plenty of company in the cameras. It’s the driest place to be and keeps the peregrines away from the worst of the wind too. Two young’ns have overnighted in the box more than once and yesterday evening they were treated to the third sibling and a good feed from Swift. That was nearly all too much for one of them though and Swift was unceremoniously attacked before making the decision to depart rapidly. There is one young peregrine that seems to be quite aggressive towards the parents; the guess is that it’s Ophir as she was pretty forceful towards her parents in the days before she jumped. Maybe that streak is still in her? To give you an idea have a look at this video (sorry for the intermittent sound; at it’s worst the mike was overpowered by the screeching!).

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  1. bonjour!Thank you for the news! These falcons are just beautiful …. and it is with joy that I watched the latest photos and video … thank you again

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