Meet the peregrine family

With plenty of feedings every day at the moment we got the opportunity via the nest camera this morning to meet the whole family briefly. Swift had just taken off to sort out breakfast while Beau made an appearance next to the bobble-heads, who all seemed to be arguing amongst themselves over something; cute interactions all the same. Swift then returned which was Beau’s signal to depart again. Video clip can be viewed here …

5 thoughts

  1. Wow, Great Scott! hehe, I mean great video Scott! I must show this to my Pre-schoolers; the chicks are squabbling just like they do! Working out their ‘Pecking Order’ no doubt… “I’m the biggest” “No Way! I’m the biggest”
    It’ll be bedlam in there when they all start stretching and testing their wings!
    They grow so rapidly!

    1. Hi Lydie,
      They’ve already doubled in volume and no doubt their weight. Beau has no chance in keeping up and Swift is struggling. It was tough for the three eyases 2 seasons ago in the much smaller eyrie so this year will be interesting to see how three of them cope in a much larger area to clown around in. No doubt we’ll need someone to clean the gravel out soon when it’s safe to venture in – thanks for volunteering!

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