Beau the provider plays his part

Peregrine male Beau is doing a wonderful job in providing for the three eyases and female Swift. He’s been clocked in on some days with average 4 feeds but sometimes up to 6 if he’s done well. It seems to be ample for the family as often Swift can be seen heading over to the “pantry” for another bite. She seems to store remnants in the back corner of the box, away from the scrape (i.e. bottom right, in the nest camera view).

Here’s a clip of Beau returning once more (audio), but Swift heads out for a breather then returns when she realises Beau is trying to feed her bobblies; a trust issue?! The audio gives you an idea of the conversation that goes on between both adults. Another attempt at moving the audio module closer to the base of the box will be made soon (Swift permitting!).

A good thing about the scrape having moved to the far side of the box – better focus; a bad thing – Swift seems to prefer to stand in our way during most feedings!

3 thoughts

  1. Hehe..our female does the same thing. Poor dad will try to feed the chicks and she’ll grab the food away from him. The only time she lets him is when they are close to fledging – then I’ve seen both of them feeding the hungry juvies together but otherwise it’s mom all the way!

  2. Bonjour…wonderful video poor Beau …he meant well … but I think most female peregrine falcons, prefer to feed the chicks …. With us also it is Spirit who feeds the chicks throughout growth,Roger brought the prey, each of its specialty lol
    bonne journée!

  3. Yes, ours do the same too, here in Winnipeg. Princess, our female appears to be very possessive about feeding her chicks. She expects Ivy to “bring in the bacon”, much as she did her last partner, Trey. When he arrives with the food, she often appears to snatch it from him and then squacks at him to get going back out for more! Almost as if she is giving him heck. LOL!

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