The expectants are still waiting

It appears there could be some movement underneath Swift; this morning she’s been agitated and seems to be listening to either movement or sound. A couple of avid supporters and myself climbed the tower this morning to see if we could improve sound quality through the newly repaired audio module (currently available in recorded video clips), but Swift wasn’t giving anything away and has settled down once more to the long haul.

Not long after we descended we noticed Swift had alighted her favourite branch (she seems to know when we look away and changes happen before we know it) and treated us to an amazing aerial display, doing high-altitude loops above us before swoop diving back on to her branch. She also let us know she wasn’t happy with our intrusion but then took off for a longer flight, before returning again to take up her role on her eggs.

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  1. I want to ‘Like’ this site but there’s no “f-Like” button. Thanks for today’s adventures Scott, it’s a great pleasure to see your enthusiasm and passion, hope all goes well!

  2. Bonjour,Congratulations, Swift and Beautiful, I saw the cute chick I thought…. I saw a hole in the shell this afternoon …. soon the second …

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