All over for Mudgee for 2011

Just finished up at Mudgee for this year and quite the success it was, with large crowds, great weather (in the end!) and lots of interest. Thanks once again to all our visitors who came from all over the place (including inter-state), thankyou for your questions, your stories and in some cases your emptier pockets. It’s been an experience for us to be able to bring the Project to a wider audience and we’ve learnt a lot too, in terms of people’s interests & expectations, as well as their concerns.

Thanks must also go to our hosts & colleagues at Nature Conservation Trust for allowing us to share your stall space, for the laughs and for all your help. To Denise and the rest of the NCT team, we make a great combination! Much appreciated… until next year…

To anyone who visited us and would like to leave comments on the website, be our guest (just under this news post). Would love to hear from you and what you thought of the display!

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