A big first day at Mudgee

Lots of visitors today at the Field Days – Day One, with plenty of questions and great stories from elsewhere in the region. We were also lucky enough to receive a visit from the Secretary of 30 Squadron RAAF Beaufighter Association and exchanged well wishes. With some luck the Association will be organising a bus trip up to campus to see us in the next few months time. We will try to time it with the next batch of young chicks up the tower! Thanks Yvonne, and thankyou to every one of our visitors today & your generous donations. I hope we were able to impart some knowledge and interest in FalconCam Project with you all. Looking forward to a packed day tomorrow; with any luck, the predicted rain will hold off and we’ll be overrun with visitors!! Beau, Swift, Solo, Migii and the tribe are growing in popularity!

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