Winter rains

Another cold weekend in Orange, but Swift is content to keep her ledge warm. In the maintenance climb on Friday the ledge camera was adjusted a little further downwards towards floor in readiness for the forthcoming (hopeful) breeding season. Today has brought rain again and this morning we caught footage of both birds arriving at the same time, with a nice bowing display before Beau flew off again (no doubt under great pressure!).

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  1. Wow!!! I can hardly believe it’s almost courting time again for the Orange, NSW peregrine falcons! Any news of Solo? We are on summer vacation now, here in Winnipeg, Mb., Canada. Lots of excitement with our chicks here. Fledging time for our 4 in the downtown nestbox. 2 had mishaps with buildings the other day and 1 passed away, but the other survived and is in rehab at the moment. Waiting for last 2 in the downtown nestbox to fledge, probably this week. So good to continue to hear news of your peregrine falcons, Swift & Beau!

  2. I am pleased to read the whole family is doing well …. and that Swift and Beau will be back for another Montreal this year, Spirit and Roger had four chicks (male) all go well for the moment! thank you for the information and greetings from Quebec anne_marie

    1. Bonjour Anne-Marie,
      Thanks for the comment. It seems many breeding sites this year have had good numbers of chicks – great to hear. Keep in touch with your birds this season; will be good to follow their progress.
      Both adults, Swift and Beau, have been seen around the tower more lately than they have for the last few months. It could be as much the freezing wintery weather we’re having as well as the forthcoming breeding season (we hope!). A little more gravel to fill the eyrie up, stock up their fridge, turn their electric blankets on and they’re ready to go!!


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