The big clean-out

Late this afternoon it was decided to ascend the Concrete Hilton on a maintenance run (or, climb). Swift et al gave me a good solid window (no pun) of time to clear out the wad of matted feathers from many months’ dinners, including unfortunately 1 or 2 leg bands which we’ll now identify as best we can. More pea gravel was thrown in but we’ll need another bag carted up the tower in the next week or two before Swift settles in again for another season. The call has gone out to our fantastic gravel packhorse, Miss Ash, to see if she’ll return this season to help us lug up the next bag of emergency bedding!

All cabling and eyrie fittings are in relatively good nick, with only one corner still damp from a lack of air movement and heat, but the hatches are working, windows clean and we’re ready to go…

True to form Swift did an alarming fly-past as the last hatch was closed. Within 5 minutes though she was back on the ledge as the sun disappeared.

2 thoughts

  1. You missed your chance…’Miss Ash’ had a quick flight north and was in town last weekend; after retreating back to her nest she may not return for some months. She’s busy practicing her vertical manoeuvrings on other scaling apparatus for an exhibition I’m told. If you need a hand Scott, SMS me, I’m not afraid of heights. 🙂

    1. Thanks Lydie,
      we’ll probably haul the gravel up in small loads each time we ascend so we should be OK (that way Swift is less likely to be disturbed and annoyed!), but if things get tricky I’ll let you know. Thanks for the offer.


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