Winter makes the eyrie a more friendly place

Little to report recently with just general comings and goings to the tower and ledge for both adults. Winter is certainly here now and it appears that both adults are happy to wile away some hours hanging around with us again. This morning it looks like Beau’s turn to occupy the ledge (pic below) while Swift seems to enjoy precariously balancing on the transmitter antenna around the other side of the tower, somewhat exposed to the elements. We may have seen the last of our beloved Solo as we haven’t been able to confirm a sighting for a few weeks now.

2 thoughts

  1. So nice to hear that Swift & Beau are still hanging around the nestbox throughout the winter months…

    Here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we have 2 nestboxes with webcams. Our Winnipeg nestbox has 4 chicks who all hatched about 10 days ago and our Brandon nestbox had 4 eggs, 3 have hatched and we are waiting on the 4th to hatch. Unfortunately, one of the Brandon chicks died shortly after hatch.

    Here are a link to both of our webcams…

    1. Hi Kathy,
      finally, a reply! Just watching both the Winnipeg & Brandon cams. Fantastic vision and how good to have such good numbers of surviving young (so far!). Impressive and great for you all over there, but those Winnipeg chicks are getting ever so close to the edge as they strengthen their wings; hard-stopping stuff, as it looks such a long way down! Not good for the vertigo!
      Thanks again for links; looking forward to hearing more from over in Canada.


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